When we first started to organize our trip to India we were seriously considering renting a car and driving ourselves.  Today we are so happy that we did not do so. (if you want to know the reasons read our post here) Not only because the traffic is really crazy in India (at least with European measures), but also, because through coincidence we found a super nice and reliable driver for our almost 3 weeks trip.

We have contacted Randhir Singh from Sumit Rajasthan Travel based on a review we read in the Internet, and were really delighted how easy the communication went with him. We kept working together on our Rajasthan itinerary for a couple of days, and Randhir always had some good advice how to improve it. The email answers to our inquiries and questions came really quick – which was important, as we started organizing a bit late, as usual… :) So in the end we saw all we wanted, and even more.

Our driver

Randhir was not driving us himself, but organized one of his drivers, Dinesh. He was a very nice and fun guy. He paid attention to our needs, was flexible if we changed our original plans and always had some good recommendations if we needed his advice (on restaurants, additional things to see/do). And what is the most important in India he was driving safely in a not so safe environment.  The trip was really easy-going. He even invited us to visit his family on our way through his village, which was a very special experience.

Car and costs for our driver in India

The car (a Toyota Innova) was comfortable – would even suit a group of 4 easily. Although we could have also chosen a smaller car for a lower cost, we were happy we took this one. The roads are often in a bad shape and you need to sit in a car for hours to master 150-200 kms.

The car was in really good technical shape and also clean throughout the tour, Dinesh took good care of it.

Regarding the costs: the price for the trip was really fair and all inclusive. We paid exactly as much as the offer was – no hidden costs.

So if you need a good driver in India (in the Northern part) we can highly recommend Randhir Singh from Summit Rajasthan Travel.

Need any details? Don’t hesitate to ask – in the comments or via our contact form.