After spending 2 weeks in the lush green mountains of Bali we changed to another color: we checked out all shades of BLUE, diving in the Bali Sea. A week at the North coast of Bali and another one on Gili Meno island swimming with fish and turtles, admiring colorful corals and enjoying the feeling of weightlessness in the warm water were the main points on our agenda lately.

Snorkeling is fun, but I wanted to try out what the difference is when breathing under water, so I took a “Discover Scuba Diving” trip which was just AMAZING!!!! So, to be able to join Werner also in deeper waters I decided to take a course and become a certified diver. After a lot of reading and learning and even more practicing I became first an Open Water- and after 2 more course days an Advanced Open Water Diver. :)

Once being certified we spent about 25 hours under water in the last 3 weeks and discovered the beautiful dive sites at Tulamben (Bali) and Gili Meno (Lombok). We saw turtles, sharks, moray eels, lion fish, sting rays, box fish, groupers, large barracudas, bumphead parrotfish, lobsters (etc.) all surrounded by wonderful hard- and soft coral reefs.

The photos in the gallery are reflecting just some of the beauty we found under water. During our night dive (yes, Luca, I went into the water in the dark!!!) we could unfortunately not take pictures, but the 2 meter long hunting moray eel and the luminescent plankton we will remember even without pictures…

Underwater pictures from our diving: