Are you thinking about taking a break from your “normal” life, traveling to some exotic destinations and letting the VIBE drive you for a while? Get some inspiration, tips and ideas for your time out on WorldVIBER.

Hi, we are Julia and Werner.

Some time ago we decided to take a break, quit our well-paid, but extremely stressful jobs, say goodbye to family and friends and do something completely different for a while. Make a BIG change, experience NEW things, recharge.

So after a rather short period of preparation we were on the road, with only a faint idea where our travels will take us, letting our instincts and curiosity guide us. Of course we had a long list of countries and regions that we would love to see, but we are trying not to plan too far ahead, but instead savor the moment, enjoy the places we are at, and take time for people we meet.

We call this adventure a “break”, although at the moment we are not even sure, how long this time-out will take – or if it is a break at all, or maybe the beginning of a new way of living. One thing is for sure: we are trying to spend the following months (years?) experiencing as much as possible and being open for whatever life brings us.

On these pages we would like to share our adventures, provide you with some tips and inspire you to follow us!

Thank you for being here!