We were in Etosha 2 years ago already, but thought we still upload our favorite pictures and write a short post, as it is still the miraculous place it was. Etosha is all about animals and the game is to see different species and find the waterholes with the most action around. And we played the game quite well.

Our stay in Etosha

We spend 3 nights in the Park, each night in a different rest camp: the very comfortable Namutoni, the popular Halali and finally the more secluded Olifantsrus. The distances, especially to the most western Olifantsrus are significant, but the roads are good.

We do a game drive in the morning and another one in the afternoon, the midday heat we try to survive in the camp pools. The evenings we spend in the camp in the restaurants, at the waterholes of the campsites and around the bonfire we make.

During the 3,5 days we see majestic male lions, white and black rhinos, Werner even spots a cheetah. Apparently, we also witness the migration of zebras: unbelievable size of herds are on their way. We see tiny springbocks that have just been born and can hardly walk yet, jackals trying to gain a piece of the lions prey, hyenas hiding in their caves, ostriches doing their courtship rituals, and so much more. It is an abundance of life you can not experience anywhere else, but in Africa.

Time is not in your hands

The one thing you cannot do in Africa is plan ahead. You have to calculate in that sometimes a herd of elephants chooses to take the same road you want to drive and eats themselves through the bushes along the street… This could mean a long waiting time, as the most important principle of all in Africa is: Elefants rule!

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