The Northern part of the Central Kalahari is quite different from what we have expected. Green bushland and savannah-like plains alternate, some bushes are even in bloom, hiding the long thorns under cute yellow blossoms. It is not a hostile environment at all.

During the heat of the day (we experience up to 41  C) animals gather under trees in search for some shade. But in the morning hours and late in the afternoon the plains become full of life: giraffes, springboks, gemsbok, honey badgers, ground squirrels, kori bustards, cheetahs, bat-eared foxes, jackals, lions and so many more wander around in search for food and water.

The roads are adventurous – in the plains a rather solid surface and on the dunes fine deep sand. But with a good 4×4 and reduced tyre-pressure we manage well.

Main road in the Kalahari

The nights in the Kalahari Game Reserve

The nights are as lonely as on Kubu Island, the only sound you hear is lions roaring, wild dogs and hyenas howling.  Our camp site is in the middle of nowhere – the previous one 25, the next one 15 kms away. A little overwhelming, but our camp fire and the unparalleled starry night quickly makes us forget how isolated we are.

At the campsute in Central Kalahari in Botswana

Loneliness in the Kalahari

The first one and a half days we met 1 single car – broken down – waiting for help for 26 hours already. Boy, are they happy to see us…

It is an amazing experience to be cut off from everything: no connectivity, no electricity, no supplies – only nature and you. But for sure you have to be well-prepared: take along enough water, enough food and fuel; and a good Satellite phone can eventually save your life.

Impressions from the Kalahari