If you have followed our adventures you know, that 2016 was an exceptional year in out lives. We were lucky to spend most of the year traveling and exploring locations we have never seen before. It was an amazing experience with a lot of beauty, adventures, new friends and new tastes. At the end of the year we try to make a brief travel recap and summarize this unforgettable 12 months.

The funny thing is: in these 12 months we have been to exactly 12 countries (apart from home). So below we have selected with the help of Instagram 1 picture from each country – to remind us of this amazing year. And you can imagine: with our photo history of thousands of pictures from each destination we have been to – selecting the 12 pictures was not an easy task. :)

1. Thailand: Bangkok and relaxing beach days

Thailand was our hub in the 3,5 months we spent in South-East Asia.  We kept returning to  Bangkok, as you can easily (and cheaply) fly from here to all surrounding countries. We also took a break on the beach in Krabi for a week. Tup Kaek Beach was a little paradise.

2. Pristine Myanmar

Myanmar is still very pristine and not flooded by tourists. The scarce touristic infrastructure also adds a lot to the charm of the country. The most memorable things of our visit were for sure our stay in Bagan and our day spent on the Inle Lake.

3. The temples of Cambodia

In Cambodia we found the perfect combination between cultural heritage and Robinson-feeling. We visited Angkor Wat and the other marvelous temples in the Siem Reap area. And after the hot and intense time at the temples we spent a week on the idyllic island of Koh Rong Samloem.

4. Diverse Vietnam

Vietnam fascinated us with its rich diversity. There was a strong contrast between the North – Hanoi and Ha Long Bay – and the Southern part – Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong delta region. In the South we could still feel the effects of the American influence. We also found the most romantic spot in Vietnam: HoiAn, the city of lanterns.

5. Abundant island of Bali, Indonesia

This abundant green island in Indonesia was one of the most vivid places during our travels. We were deeply impressed by the Balinese approach to life. We spent some days in the art city of Ubud where we could witness spectacular ceremonies. And we also took advantage of the unspoiled coral reefs and spent some days under water, diving.

6. Modern Singapore

Singapore came as quite a cultural shock to us after strolling around Southeast Asia for so long. It is modern, clean, extremely overregulated, but still colorful and very interesting.


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7. Inspiring South Africa

Our first stop in Southern Africa was South-Africa itself. Whale- and penguin-watching, wine tasting in Stellenbosch and seeing the wild flower blossom in the desert were just some of the things we could experience here.

10. Botswana – nature pure

When entering Botswana we arrived to the largest open air zoo ever. We were enchanted by the diversity of wild living animals. The Chobe River area and the Okavango Delta are homes to thousands of elephants, antelopes, lions, rhinos, hippos and so much more.

12. Incredible India

The astonishing architecture of forts, palaces and temples, the religion-driven way of life, the multitude of people embedded in a potpouri of all kinds of bright colors just amazed us. 3 weeks in Rajasthan, some days in the Golden Triangle, a visit to the Ganges River and a week in Goa was the perfect combination for our year-end trip.

Thank you for joining us on our journey – hope we could pass on our enthusiasm and maybe inspire you for your next trip. See you again in 2017 – when we will report from our South-America trip.