Finishing touches

Less than 2 weeks to go. In 11 days at this time we will already be sitting on the Vienna airport waiting for our airplane to Bangkok. We are slowly getting ready, less and less tasks left on our to-do lists, we say our last goodbyes, meet family and friends before we start this extremely exciting phase of our lives.

The luggage is partially packed already, although I am quite sure that some things will still find their way back to the wardrobe. Whomever I talk to, whichever guide, blog or book I read on the topic everyone warns me to take as little stuff to Asia as possible. It will be hot, humid and easy-going, so no need to carry along a whole closet. And in the end, if we miss something: everything is apparently rather cheap in Asia and can be purchased on one of the markets on our way.

One of our biggest ‘problems’ in the last days was what to do with guidebooks. Should we take hardcovers along, rather buy an eBook version or benefit from the unending content available anyway on the Internet. As a compromise we downloaded a guidebook for Myanmar, where Internet coverage seems to be scarce, and the rest we will see. But no hardcovers for sure! I love having these problems.

Everything falls into place, we keep counting the days: 11 to go.

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