Fish River Canyon walls

Fish River Canyon, the 2nd largest canyon in the world

We spent 2 days at the Fish River Canyon trying to absorb its beauty and enjoy the unbelievable view, silence and peace. The second largest canyon in the world is 160km long, up to 27km wide and the inner canyon reaches a depth of 550m. There is a 5-day hike through it, but this time we decided for the bird view only. Although we could have carried our belongings, including food and water ourselves, and the temperature reaches only 40ºC… Read more

3 beautiful national parks in South Africa

3 beautiful national parks in South Africa

In the second week of our stay in South-Africa we visited 3 different national parks which all had their own charm. The West Coast National Park was full of beautiful animal, our favorites were the Hartmann Zebras. Namaqualand was a miracle with the millions of flowers that were in full bloom, coloring the whole area into bright orange, purple and yellow. Augrabies enchanted us with its beautiful waterfall and the varying landscape.

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First impressions from South-Africa

The first couple of days in South-Africa were nothing like you would imagine as real African experience. We spent about a week in the Western Cape, in the Cape Town region, looking for penguins, whales, seals and exploring rough coastlines and high mountain peaks. The Western Cape region presented itself with lush green fields of grass and bushland.  Read more