At the source of good wines – wine tasting in Chile

At the source of good wines – wine tasting in Chile

We are big fans of Chilean wine and we did not want to leave out the opportunity to check out where it comes from. A short drive from Santiago brought us to our first wine region, the Casablanca Valley to our first wine tasting in Chile.

The Casablanca Valley is a rather young wine region of Chile, where they produce mainly premium wines. Driving through the lush green landscape was already exciting. Vineyards stretch out on the hills on both sides of the narrow streets, palm trees provide shadow and intensely blooming flowers give color to the scenery.

…and then suddenly in one of the orchards a small group of bored lamas appear. We want to get closer, then remember that annoyed lamas are spitting… So just observing respectfully from the distance… 😀

This lama we saw from the back first, and were wondering what a giant sheep we found….

Wine tasting in Casablanca valley

As the main reason for stopping in this area was to taste some good Chilean wine we researched a bit on where to go for a tasting and found an appealing winery. The Casona Veramonte is a Napa style winery (California) which adheres to organic practices and offers excellent catering. So we set of to take a tour and sample some delicious wines at their origins.

The tour was very informative and interesting. We were lead through the vineyards, the winery and the barrel rooms and could observe the procedure of the bottling. Our guide, a nice young lady explained to us the importance of the organic methods they were using and the history of Veramonte.

And finally we got to taste some really fine wines combined with superb “pinchos” (fingerfood). Beside a great Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir we got an excellent Carmenere and the signature wine of the winery, a Neyen. Although this latter was really very tasty and the chocolate pairing with it brought back memories from Stellenbosch our common favorite was still the Carmenere.

Wine tasting in Chile: Wine tasting with delicious pintxos matching each wine.
Wine tasting with delicious pintxos matching each wine.

After this great experience we spent the rest of the sunny afternoon in great mood and enjoyed the warm sun after the rather windy days in Patagonia.

Photos of a wine tour

And although we cannot share with you the taste, we would like to share the mood through our pictures from this day. Hope you enjoy them.

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  • February 26, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Don´t drink and drive ;-))) but you are tasting only!!!
    I wish you a great time and all the best for this trip – Roman

    • March 1, 2017 at 12:37 am

      Thank you Roman.
      We are cautious, but indulge the good stuff 😉…


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